The New Era
       Group, Inc.


Consultants that Listen

to the Client

​​​​New Era is a non-profit consulting group. New Era has the support of the law firm of Squires Patton Boggs. By Washington, DC insiders, Squires Patton Boggs is considered to be the innovator of the law and the lobbying effort which is imbedded in public policy issues of the United States. 

A major effort was mounted in late 2013 to reduce the amount of HCFCs that would be allowed into the United States. While unable to unring the bell on the interim 2013-2014 Rule, New Era was able to garner support from the Natural Resource Defense Council as well as the Environmental Investigation Agency, to influence the reduction of over 11 million metric tons of HCFCs.  

We maintain a working relationship with two of the world's largest environmental groups. While New Era has an in-depth working knowledge of industry that is dependent on fluorinated gas, we work closely with Squires Patton Boggs to merge business and industry issues in order to maximize our efforts and influence. 

Our most recent work is focused on the rule that is being written to reflect current national policy on controlling HFC production and consumption. 

To affect sensible change and provide protection for the earth's environment, New Era has had significant input into EPA's efforts in refrigerant management. 

Members of New Era are asking to have their voices heard by the California Air Resources Board on the pending long term goals that the state is putting forward.

New Era is an interested party in the current Anti-Dumping and Countervailing Tariff matter at the United States Department of Commerce. This is a long-term issue, and by all accounts is extremely complex. We seek to make industry's operations understood so that the final determination will reflect a fair and equitable collusion.

New Era will be publishing a newsletter as facts are made available. Our commitment to our clients is to insure that we provide correct, transparent information on the isues we engage in. Along with providing concise facts, we also analyze the effects that actions will have on our clients and their businesses.

New Era is comitted in our concern we “do no harm” to our customers businesses and their business reputations.